Peter Ritchie

Talented, Published Crime Fiction Writer, Artist and Poet

Peter's a retired senior detective who worked both nationally and internationally, a former deep sea fisherman who hails from (and lives in) East Lothian, Scotland who has always had and always will - a passion and

love for writing.

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About Peter

Peter Ritchie grew up in the fishing community of Musselburgh in Scotland’s East Lothian, where his father’s fishing family hailed from and where he lives now.  He has two grown-up children, a beautiful granddaughter and grandson and an extraordinary career, spanning from deep sea fisherman to senior ranking posts in the police and now a published author.

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Latest Book  - Where Angels Rest (Detective Grace Macallan Book 6)

September 2021

Grace Macallan is back in major crime investigation and the arrest of a Finnish contract killer then the subsequent murder of a reporter in Edinburgh seem unconnected till a ghost from the past appears in the investigation.


The death of the reporter on the streets of Newhaven eventually leads Macallan to Dublin where gang wars are raging and she believes she will find her nemesis.


The horrors of past crimes in Northern Ireland, contract killers, military secrets and organised crime feuds collide on the streets of Edinburgh and the Irish Republic drawing Macallan into brutal score settling on Dublin’s streets and a life-or-death race against time.

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