• Peter Ritchie


I've had a lot of questions about the next Grace Macallan book and too be honest I wondered for a while whether I would do it and whether Grace had done enough. After all the poor detective had been blown up, betrayed, nearly driven to madness and that was the good days!

However I really got the buzz back earlier in the year and the lock down gave me the perfect opportunity to get stuck in. So Glasnevin is nearly finished and have loved doing it. I've never completed a book in such a short time but this was the perfect opportunity. The title comes from one of my favourite places - Glasnevin cemetery. It lies in North Dublin and near the botanic gardens. I keep telling people if you go to Dublin visit this place and you will not be disappointed. Over a million graves and wonderfully ornate stones that almost overwhelm the senses. The graves of many of the main characters who were executed after the Easter Rising lie there and so much of Irish history lies within its walls. There is also the Angel's Plot that contains the remains of thousands of children and hard not to be moved in that place.

So parts of the book take place in Dublin as well as Scotland and Grace faces an old enemy who she never expected to see again. It should be finished withing the next week or two and will update as it progresses.

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