• Peter Ritchie

Hopefully a Great Year Ahead

Not been much to shout about recently and the images from Washington are shocking and sad at the same time. I’ve not put much up here recently because people have had more important stuff to deal with, but it’s a new year and things will get better. In fact later in the year I’ve booked trips to the north and west of Scotland for my normal walking and fishing holidays although I never actually catch anything!

Anyhow, I’ve kept busy during the lock downs and just to say that book 6 in the Grace Macallan series - Glasnevin is finished and away to the publisher. I’m really pleased with it and a number of the critical scenes take place in Dublin as well as Scotland and Grace comes face to face with an old adversary. Will keep the blog updated when there is more information.

The other event to look forward to is the play I finished last year and taken on by Liam Rudden who will direct it. The plan is to see it on at the festival (hopefully). The play is titled The Confession based on the imagined last hours in the death cell of the notorious Doctor who butchered his Scottish wife and housekeeper. Cheery stuff!

Take care and stay safe

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