• Peter Ritchie

Working in Dublin for the time being

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Here in Dublin - one of my favourite places not least because my daughter and granddaughter are here. Working away on the compilation of the poems and short stories created by the guys at the Bethany writing group I volunteer at. Should be ready by the summer and hope to put a few of the poems on here shortly to show just what they can do.

I put together a book of poetry last last year to give to friends as presents. It seems to have worked well, read one of them at the funeral of a friend recently which was a wonderful experience and a privilege. Have decided to put it on Amazon so other people can see it if they want. It’s not meant to be any great work of art but some thoughts in poems about my own experiences of life. It will be as inexpensive as possible and the intention not to make money from it. There are a few illustrations as well of my own paintings. Keep you posted. The title is Bits of Life.

So time to bash on with the work and try and avoid the news for a while. the relentless cycle of reporting seems to get inside the head and need a rest.

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